Our team

Hezi Golan CEO & Founder
Dan Gang Monetization Technology Advisor

SiteKicks is every website’s best friend

SiteKicks is well known as a results-based media advertising company – based on delivering marketing solutions that yield business results. We provide continued digital strategy, digital advertising campaigns, social media planning and management.

Web and mobile technology for marketing solutions, affiliate network programs, delivering quality leads and maximizing conversion rates for our customers.

SiteKicks system strengthens the digital customer experience and contributes to an improved business value. We believe in easy-to-use, incredible marketing tools for mobile and web interfaces, that show our clients results from the very beginning. SiteKicks digital marketing system contributes to better awareness to brands and products, increased engagement, higher ROI in advertising on media campaigns, improved brands loyalty and more.

  • Continued digital strategy
  • Digital advertising campains
  • Social media planning & management
  • Web and mobile technology for marketing solution
  • Affiliate network programs
  • Delivering quality leads
  • Maximizing conversion rates